We build steel and titanium bikes and components for some of the UK’s most respected bike companies. We focus on working with other companies to develop and build bike frames in the UK, allowing them to on-shore production, scale up or develop new products.



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Every bike or part we build is carefully designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured - no cutting corners. We work with clients who care about making the best possible quality frames and we use our experience as trained designers and fabricators to make sure that the frames not only perform as they should but they can be built reliably and quickly to the high standard we expect through careful tool and process design.




We build with steel, stainless steel and titanium tube sets from Reynolds, Dedacciai and Columbus as well as some 4130 or T45 where we need a bit of plain gauge.

Modern steel bicycle tubing can be incredibly strong, light and versatile. We know the material well and have learnt how to get the most out of it through tried and tested fabrication techniques, proper tube selection and clever design.


When we can’t find the right part for the job, we will make our own. We have made tooling in house for custom bending and forming tubes to get the exact shapes needed.




Each tube is carefully picked, the wall thickness and butting profile is checked, then measured and marked before being mitred on our dedicated fixtures to produce accurate, repeatable cuts.

As part of the weld prep, the mitred ends are then deburred and mechanically cleaned inside and out before being washed thoroughly in acetone. This process removes any oils, moisture and surface oxides so they can’t end up in the weld.


The tubes are then loaded into a jig, tacked in place and taken out to be welded. The quality of fit between tubes and sequence of welding is important to make sure that the frame ends up straight. Stainless, titanium and some steel frames are back purged before tacking or welding. This process removes all oxygen from the inside of the frame, replacing it with pure argon to protect the back side of the weld when hot.

The final stage, before paint, is a quality control which includes an alignment check on a surface plate and any necessary tapping, reaming and facing.



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Most of our steel frames get an E-coat or cataphoretic coating that includes degreasing and phosphate dips before a thin layer of paint is applied inside and out through an electro-phoresic method. This process alone provides at least 10 years salt water rust prevention so, along with a shiny paint job, your frame should be good for many years of riding and harsh UK winters.

Where frames don’t get an E-coat they will still get prepped and a coat of etch primer or direct to metal paint that helps neutralize rust, then when finished the insides of the tubes are treated with framesaver - like Waxoyl for your bike.

Graphics can either be painted on with masks or vinyl stickers can be applied on top of or under the clear coat. We can also help out with designing or tweaking logos and graphics and preparing files for vinyl cutting. We have a huge range of colours to pick from or if you have a specific colour in mind we can work with our supplier to try and get a match.

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